10 reasons

10 reasons to consider LED IN-WALL lighting (in no particular order)

1 Fixture-less fixtures -
designed to fill your room with a warm ambient glow while reducing clutter in your space

2 Architectural -

Our IN-WALL fixtures are designed with architects and lighting 

designers in mind as way of creating a signature gestures that can be incorporated at the planning stages of building or space.

3 Energy efficient-

All of our IN-WALL are quipped with the highest level of engineering in LED technology.

4 Creates Ambience and Drama-

When one enters a space with our IN-WALL fixtures installed, the warm glow acts as an instantaneous signifier that this is an interesting space.

5 Works of Art

The IN-WALL installation recalls great works of illuminated artwork by Dan Flavin and Jame Turrell. The minimalist design of the frame and it’s geometry reminds one of work by Donald Judd, John McCracken, and Richard Serra.

6 Paintable Frames -

The front facing surface of the recessed frame of most of our IN-WALL fixtures can painted to match or juxtapose any wall or surface color creating a seamless and un-cluttered light

7 Dimmable -

It is possible to create many different moods by lowering or raising the brightness on the warm and beautiful glow

8 Subtle yet Impactful -

Our IN-WALL fixtures are quiet designs that that utilizes architecture by becoming part of the architecture. It's affect is elemental to the feeling of the space 

9 Simple and Smart -

Designed to be a gesture of warmth and intelligence without the pretense of being the center of attention both technologically and aesthetically.

10 Designed Multiplicity

Our IN-WALL fixtures are designed with the multiplicity of simultaneous visual effects and intelligent technology all going together in one's experience and producing a palpaple respect for architecture and space.